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Our international group of dentist will make sure you'll get the best treatment

Our Doctors:

Dr. Kambiz Kalili DMD


- 1980 UCLA BA Psychobiology
- 1985 Boston U. Doctorate of Med Dentistry
- 1985 Honorary Captain USCG
- 1985 to 2011 UCLA Biomaterials Science
- Lecturer, Researcher, Publisher.
- Publications > 42
- US Patents and patent pending > 6
Dr. Kambiz Kalili's clinical expertise is backed by over 45 American and International scientific research publications, US and Global patents., There is one name which comes to mind in Beverly Hills, Dr. Kambiz Kalili. He graduated from UCLA, 25 year UCLA faculty lecturer Dept. of Biomaterials Science, Doctoral of Medical Dentistry (DMD) BU, Honorary Captain USCG Medical Division, Reviewing Editor International Journal, Qualified Medical Examiner (QME) and Co-Founder Smile90210.  Dr. Kalili states, “It gives me great pleasure to utilize my scientific expertise and latest technological advancements to perform the best dental treatments possible for the stars in all of us.”

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Dr. Jessica Lizana


- Grad Doctor Of Dental Surgery, Peru - 1998
- Ca Board Certification - 2006
- Ucla Implant Certification - 2010
- Usc Endo Advanced Certification - 2012
- Loma Linda U Prosthetic Certification - 2007
- Red Cross Volunteer Clinic Peru - 2000<
- Prosthetic Implant Research Publication - 2001

Dr. Svetlana Liljegren


- 2002: NYU Graduate
- 2003: UCLA Gen Practice Residency
- 2003: UCLA Homeless Care
- Awards: Alfa Omega Chapter
- Interests: Skiing, Cooking, Family

Dr. Liljegren (Lili) was born in Russia in a city called Tver which is a large industrial city approx. 150 km from Moscow. She graduated from dental school there with a post-doctoral oral surgery residency. There she gained invaluable experience is conservative surgical applications to improve oral health. Then Dr. Lili moved to USA in 1996 to enhance her dentistry and attended NYU College of Dentistry where she graduated as an Alfa Omega Chapter top 10% of her class. Her excelled accomplishments enabled acceptance to UCLA School of Dentistry GPR residency program where she gained invaluable experience in hospital dentistry. As a private practitioner in Smile90210 her knowledge in the field of surgery, patient care and latest technologies in dentistry is invaluable to our group.

Dr. Alex Liao


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Kambiz T. Kalili, DMD, QME Resume


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Lyoto Machida


Kambiz T. Kalili BJJ World Championship 2010

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