Initial Oral Examination
Your initial oral examination includes a visual examination, charting, periodontal probing, x-rays, diagnosis and treatment recommendations.

Dental Implants
We will work with an implant specialist to create an implant for a missing single tooth, missing multiple teeth, or replace a removable appliance.

Crowns and Veneers
You can have a new smile with all-porcelain crowns (empressed material) on the anterior teeth. For the posterior, we use porcelain fused to metal.

Fillings: Resin
Tooth-colored filings that are light cures to match your teeth. Amalgam: Silver-colored filings, more durable material.

Periodontal Treatment
You should have a standard cleaning at least twice a year. A periodontal treatment includes an Adult Prophy (basic cleaning).

Mouth Guards
Whether you are an athlete or casual sports participant, you should wear a mouth guard to protect your teeth. If you grind your teeth while you sleep, a bite guard will help reduce symptoms of TMJ.

Removable Dental Prosthesis
For missing teeth, we can make dentures or removable partials for you.

NuBrace clear orthodontic appliance that straightens your teeth with a series of individual molded aligners.

Shapphire Teeth Whitening
State-of-the-art technology to whiten teeth and enhance personal appearance and aesthetics.


Our Doctors


Meet our doctors

Smile90210's Dr. Kambiz Kalili do not believe in limiting the care that you receive. Dr. Kambiz Kalili wants you to learn as much information as you could, whether it be about cosmetic dental procedures, or about proper oral hygiene. Smile90210's Dr. Kambiz Kalili believes that an informed choice is the best choice. Browse our webiste for topics such as cosmetic fillings, crowns and dentures, zoom whitening, and veneers, amongst others.

At Smile90210, Beverly Hills dentist Dr. Kambiz Kalili's goal is simple: to work with our patients to that they can not only achieve a healthy, vibrant smile, but so that they can maintain it as well. As such, we teach our patients not only about their treatment options, but also go in-depth into property oral hygiene practices. This is our commitment to you as professionals.

When  it comes to clinical expertise backed by over 45 American and International scientific research publications, US and Global patents, there is one name which comes to mind in Beverly Hills, Dr. Kambiz Kalili. He graduated from UCLA, 25 year UCLA faculty lecturer Dept. of Biomaterials Science, Doctoral of Medical Dentistry (DMD) BU, Honorary Captain USCG Medical Division, Reviewing Editor International Journal, Qualified Medical Examiner (QME) and Co-Founder Smile90210.  Dr. Kalili states, “It gives me great pleasure to utilize my scientific expertise and latest technological advancements to perform the best dental treatments possible for the stars in all of us.”

Dr. Kambiz Kalili's 20 Years TMJ & Dental Trauma:

Dr. Kambiz Kalili was a ring doctor for many of the UFC Champions.  His expertise included custom mouth guards, ringside treatment and followed up by in-office care.

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